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Tracy Moravec

OMG!!! She is sooo cute! I can not wait to sugar her up! Love the name but - how in the world are we ever gonna know which Tra people are yelling at!!!

Love you guys...CONGRATS!


Julie Griffith

So Sweet! Especially that last one - winking! I love it!

Caelee "Tra"

I have to second Mom's comment! Three Tra's? I'm not sure the world can handle us! Absolutely adorable! I'm making a special trip to come see!

Aunt Linda

Oh WOW what a beauty!! Another cutie great-great-niece....oh geez that makes me sound really old! Can't wait to see her! Love, your ol' Auntie Linda

Donna Bukalders

Oh my gosh Lori!!!!! She's absolutely beautiful! Congrats grandma!

Marci Bessel-Finck

Congrats...she is adorable!! Can't wait to meet her!!

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